Friday, January 27, 2012

Blog-Post Graveyard

Well, 2011 has come and gone, and 2012 is well underway. There have been many blog posts that I've wanted to write . . . but I just never felt like sitting down to actually write them. Or I just didn't have the time. Since October 1, I have logged 416 freelance hours. So in the last sixteen weeks, I added an extra 26 hours of work a week. Yes, I realize I bring that on myself. But it's hard to turn down work. It's a compliment every time I get an offer to proofread.

And while the extra money has been a lifesaver, it's not all about the dough. I really like freelancing. Even when I complain about the book, which I do sometimes (five hundred pages of Native American historical fiction can be rough to get through if it's not your niche), it's still fun. I'm getting paid to read. I'm getting paid to find errors, which is like a puzzle to me. I know they're going to be there, but where? Yes, I am a nerd. And I am okay with that.

But the nerdy side of me and the social side of me are going to try to better balance themselves in 2012. So far I am doing an okay job. The first two weeks were a wash with very late nights and no working out, but since then, I've been getting my act together. I've been trying to go to the gym at least twice a week (which doesn't sound like much, but I also throw in a night of dodgeball and Wii Fit or Just Dance on the off nights), and I haven't been staying up late (to work at least). Last weekend we did a lot of social things, and I worked when I was home (instead of having to skip social events to stay at home to work). Anyway, it's a work in a progress. As are a lot of blog posts that get semiwritten in my head but never written down on the site.

So, without further ado, here is the 2011–2012 blog-post graveyard, the posts that never were (but may be at some future point if they become relevant).

2011: The Year of New Jobs, Weddings, Wine, and . . . FDR?
On top of the fact that Mike and I both started new jobs last year, we also did a lot of traveling in 2011, from smaller weekend trips to cities like D.C., Columbus, Rochester, and Poughkeepsie, to longer trips across the country (California, Mississippi, Colorado, and Texas). And there were some themes—weddings being the most obvious. We attended five weddings and sadly had to miss two. We also did a lot of wine tasting in 2011: the wineries in Virginia when we visited Sara in D.C., getting in one winery in Napa Valley (literally on the way to Brittany and Rob's wedding), and our one-year anniversary trip to Poughkeepsie, stopping  at some Hudson Valley wineries along the way. We also had some time with FDR (and Fala, of course): visiting his new memorial in D.C. in January and then his home in Hyde Park in October.
Me with Fala at the FDR Memorial in D.C.
And where Fala is buried at Hyde Park
One Year Notched Off
Mike and I celebrated our one-year anniversary, first with the aforementioned trip to Poughkeepsie and the Hudson Valley wineries, and then with a spectacular dinner at the Spotted Pig which I couldn't partake in because I got some weird five-hour bug. It's crazy to think that a year has already flown by, and that we've known each other for three years now. That first year of marriage that everyone says can be difficult because of the adjustment period? I think we went through that phase when we first moved in together the year before our wedding, thus making our first year of marriage pretty darn good.

Us on our one-year anniversary weekend trip
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia
The evolution of me. How I came to become, as my mother affectionately scolds, Marcia—someone who has to be involved in everything, often to the detriment of her sanity. I've been trying to think back a lot on my past to figure out where this obsession to be over-involved came from.

Friends Will Come and Go . . . But Sisters Are Here to Stay
As I did with Mother's Day and Father's Day, I was going to write a post to/for my sister on her twenty-fifth birthday, but I didn't have the time to do it justice. (In all fairness, Nicole, I recycled the pieces I used for Mom and Dad from college, and did not write them from scratch this go-around. I could recycle the paper I wrote about us in the tenth grade, but I don't have that on a computer anymore). Maybe for her twenty-sixth birthday.

You Will Now Be Judged by a Jury of Idiots
I had jury duty last week—only the two-day commitment, and though I made it to the juror box both days, I wasn't chosen. Not that I'm complaining. But seriously, the people who were? Let's just say I wouldn't want the majority of them having my fate in their hands. Although the biggest idiots were let go, but not before we had to listen to them go on and on and on about why they didn't think they could be impartial. They really just liked the sound of their own voices, and the judges were not having any of the nonsense. But people really didn't get it. It was an annoying two days for me, I truly felt like I had wasted so much time listening to other people's BS (I wish we could have at least read a book while they questioned the jurors, but nope). I really could write a whole post about how obnoxious those people were, but it wouldn't be pretty. So I'll let this one permanently rest in the graveyard for all of our sakes.

And those are all the posts I can think of right now that have been thought of in the past couple of months. In this effort to better balance work and life, I will try to make a promise of at least one, if not two, posts a month. And hopefully they'll be a bit more entertaining, but I had to start back somehow.